Resident Outing - Risk Assessment

As part of the COVID-19 requirements for Aged Care providers a risk assessment must be completed each time a resident leaves an aged care facility. The purpose of which, is to help ensure the on-going safety of all residents living at the facility. This risk assessment can either be completed online or completed at the facility before leaving. Please note, some activities associated with the risk assessment process still need to occur at site just prior to leaving the facility. We would ask that sufficient time to complete this activity is factored into your plans as residents will not be permitted to commence their outing without having completed the risk assessment process.

Completing this risk assessment online before arriving at the facility will greatly reduce the time needed at the facility prior to leaving on your proposed outing.

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Facility   Purpose of the Outing
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Acknowledgment of General Risk Factors

Please check to acknowledge and confirm your understanding to the precautions that should be observed while on your outing.

Additional Identified Risk Factors

Please add any specific risk factors associated with this outing and what you have planned to help reduce the impact of this risk.  Learn more »

Risk Item       Planned way to manage  
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